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Raising Capital, Financial and Strategic Planning, Coaching and Mentoring, Growing your Sales Quickly, Turnaround Management, Merger and Acquisition, Board Membership, and Advisory Services


What We Offer

We specialize in assisting CEOs of private emerging and small cap companies achieve the growth and future they desire.

Raising capital

Raising seed money and finding venture capital

Growing Sales

A process to near instantly grow your sales without employing a massive overhead

Financial and Strategic Planning

Assisting in the sale of your company, the aquisition of another, or a merger

Coaching and Mentoring

CEO coaching, assistance, and mentoring

Advisory Services

Interim executive management, strategic planning, and financial advice

Turnaround Management

Turnaround and crisis management

Board Membership and Advisory Services

Board membership, recruiting and interviewing assistance, and increasing sales through networking


Some of the Ways We Can Help You

Raising Capital

The last thing you want to hear when your company has a great idea, a ready-to-market product, a new large customer, or an opportunity to gain market share is that there’s no capital available. Peyton Investments has experience in helping growing companies solve their capital needs in creative ways. Funds from our own resources or our extensive private equity and angel investor network with our experience at raising capital—whether through our funds, debt resources, seed capital, angel investors, venture capital, or other sources—means virtually any size project can become a reality.

Creative financing is the name of the game. Since the Internet bubble burst, the IPO market has dried up. Professional investors are holding back from financing new, viable ventures because of the difficulty in reaping a return on their investment. And due to limited funds, venture capital firms have been forced to choose which companies in their portfolio they’ll continue funding, no matter how sound the investments might be. We have the experience to tap into any or all of today’s financing options to solve your emerging company’s capital needs, including:

  • Debt
  • Angel Investors
  • Accomplished CEOs looking to invest and offer their assistance in finance, sales, networking, and marketing
  • Seed Capital
  • Venture Capital
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Strategic Alliances and Partnerships coupled with their investments

Have a great idea? Need capital? Start-ups, mezz, or in-transition companies welcome. If you have a business plan, submit it to Jeffery Stein via email and we’ll get back to you soon. PDF, DOC, or PPT files are all accepted.

Growing Sales

Sales other than the timely collection of your accounts receivable is the MOST important challenge and task you have as CEO. Without sales, your ideas, staff, and company is work near zero. Continuing and growing sales is the key your success and viability. Assuming you have a viable company product or service but lack the needed growing sales, Peyton Investments has a proven formula to quickly grow your sales with little investment or risk. What’s the catch? Instead of employing great sales and marketing expenses (or even raising capital and diluting your ownership) Peyton Investments’ incentive is a share of the profits create for you.

Financial and Strategic Planning

Raising Capital, Financial and Strategic Planning, Coaching and Mentoring, Turnaround Management, Merger and Acquisition, Board Membership, and Advisory Services

Planning your company’s direction can be a full time job, and face it, you already have one. Whether you’re looking to release a new product, expand your current line, add a new facility, or just steer your business along a more profitable course, it’s crucial to receive impartial, objective advice from someone who has no personal agenda or stake in your company. Someone who can help you devise a sound, forward-thinking, creative strategic plan. Someone like Peyton Investments.

Tap into our real-world experience. Reap the benefits of our fresh, objective insight. Because we don’t have a vested interest in anything other than obtaining strong results for your company, we have a clean, unbiased view of your business and how to take it to the next level. Our deep knowledge and operational experience comes from having been there—we’ve owned, operated, and consulted with a wide range of companies. We believe in results, and have a roster of satisfied clients who will vouch for our ability to achieve them.

Let us give you the interim assistance you need to create a dynamic, robust, and above all, realistic plan to guide your company through the changes necessary to ensure long-range stability, growth, and profitability.

Merger Acquisition

If you’re considering selling your company, purchasing another, merging, or acquiring a new division, the last thing you should do is have your CEO handle the project on his or her own. Remember, your CEO already has a full time job. An intermediary can spend the time and energy required to do it properly, has the experience to make sure the process runs smoothly, and by being a separate party, the chances of misunderstandings are dramatically avoided.

Peyton Investments has extensive experience in the buying and selling of companies. We can invest the time necessary in what can be a long, drawn out process, helping to make sure the transaction is successfully completed while not using up your executive resources.

Board Membership and Advisory Services

Running a successful business is difficult enough, the current state of the economy makes it even more of a challenge. Private and small cap companies in particular can often use expert interim assistance to help guide them. Peyton Investments, under the leadership of Jeffery D. Stein, can help your company through these times with services that make a difference.

Board membership

In many cases, private and small cap companies either don’t have a functioning board of directors or have none at all. This is a mistake. It’s critical to have a board that can play an active role, concentrating on the growth and stability of your company so the executive team can focus their energies on turning that future into a reality. Peyton Investments can provide the kind of leadership and participation you need on your board to help ensure that your company stays on the right track.

Advisory services

Times of dramatic change within a company often lead to havoc. Sudden, unexpected situations arise which require fast, immediate, and dynamic attention, such as the loss of a bank line, defection of a major client or customer, a key employee leaving, unpredicted growth, a drop in sales, or unexpected cash shortage. In situations like these, the CEO and top management come under great pressure. Often the boards they turn to for help and advice are comprised of investors and family members whose main concern is their personal share value, not the total picture of the company’s future. This can leave the CEO on a deserted island with no place to turn for help in making sensible, wise decisions about what’s best for the company. Peyton Investments can act as an interim advisor to CEOs and top management, assisting them in guiding the company through the hazardous straits and helping set its course in a direction that will be of long-term benefit for the company, its employees, and its owners/stockholders.

Recruiting and staffing services

Do you need to staff a whole department, hire a senior executive, are there many key positions to fill, do you need technical, administrative, accounting, finance, sales, marketing positions filled?  Peyton Investments has the capability to rapidly assist and carry all or most staffing needs in a tight or down employment markets.  Our experience in staffing is fast and far less expensive then using recruiting firms, using top-level executive time, or using in-house human resources departments.

Turnaround Management

If you own, or are involved in, a privately held company that’s struggling because of changes in the marketplace, loss of management, problems with creditors, or other operational issues, Peyton Investments can help you turn the company around. We can assist in rebuilding and recapitalizing your distressed company, providing the fresh and impartial outlook—as well as the ability to make tough decisions—needed to assess your business situation and take the steps necessary to return it to a healthy and prosperous state.

We quickly analyze the situation, defining problems and specifying solutions to stabilize and control the cash flow. Once the immediate crisis is under control, we develop a strategy which will return the company to a positive cash flow, implement guidelines to ensure its continuation, and put systems in place to make sure your company is able to achieve its full potential. If need be, we can help you raise capital, recruit new management, provide management coaching and mentoring, and even pursue a merger strategy should that be in the best interest of your company’s long-term health.

Coaching and Mentoring

We all need someone to talk to

It’s tough at the top. Your ever increasing responsibilities and workload don’t leave you enough time or energy to guide the company as you’d like. You find yourself spending more time putting out fires than making forward-thinking decisions. You’re performing your job effectively, but you’re just not growing. You realize you’re surrounded by people who have their best interest in mind — board members, accountants, shareholders, family, and employees — but no one is looking out for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to turn to, someone you can talk to when you need to kick around ideas, hash things out, or problem-solve?

Executive coaching is the answer. By forming a one-on-one relationship with a coach who has been there, you can get the independent, objective, and fresh outlook and guidance you need. Tap into our years of experience—practical, hands-on, operating experience that will give you the extra guidance and support you need to help you through a difficult business or personal phase. We know what it’s like because we’ve been there. And we have a proven track record with references to back it up.

Learn how executive coaching from Peyton Investments can help you develop the skills necessary to grow and evolve so you can attain the success you desire.