Case Studies

A Few Ways We Have Helped


Examples of the capabilities of Peyton Investments.

Additional Case Studies

Helping Companies in Transition

Startup Assistance

Owners of several dot-com technologies wanted to bring their unique and creative products and expertise to market. Peyton Investments offered assistance in many areas, jump starting their business and helping it become a going concern in short order. Areas of assistance included sales, operations, finance, and corporate structure.

Acquisition Assistance

A local personal services firm created a strategic plan to purchase and acquire companies which were in the same business because they felt that a changing economic cycle would be beneficial to the sellers and the acquirer.  Peyton Investments was retained to survey the market, identify the prospective competitors, introduce the concept of a sale to them, and negotiate the sale.  A successful “rollup” was beneficial for all parties.

Coaching and Dispute Resolution

A personal service firm was owned by equal partners. Due to a sudden change in the economy, sales fell off dramatically, which in turn negatively impacted the relationships of the partners. The company became stalled. Peyton Investments spent time with the partners, working out a new alignment of duties and giving them a clearer focus on sales, collections, staffing, and new markets.


A professional services firm was started by two software technicians.  The firm had the expertise the market wanted, but neither partner had experience operating a company. Peyton Investments assisted the owners in establishing a going concern by mentoring them in the areas of finance, marketing, hiring, and planning.

Networking for New Business

During the boom times, a well known branded company in the food industry instituted a major expansion in production capacity. When the economy suddenly changed, the company found itself with excess capacity. Since it was in the company’s best interest to use this capacity, Peyton Investments worked with their executives to find local companies which would utilize the excess capacity by buying products that were packaged under a private label. This transaction created a nearly direct bottom line improvement with no detraction from the well known brand.

Advisory Services

An emerging consumer electronics distribution company developed a unique device which they marketed and distributed. The idea took off, but they were having trouble implementing the full plan and handling the sudden growth. Peyton Investments worked with the CEO and assisted in directing the company to a four-fold sales growth in a little over one year.

Board Members

Served on several corporate boards and have been an advisor to several CEOs. Have assisted in planning and feedback for operations, strategic planning, buy/sell, finances, and personnel issues. Most assignments have led to a sale, merger, or an improvement in the overall operations.


Special Project Sourcing

A large nationwide service firm was having a growth surge, yet was strapped for cash. Many projects had to be put on the back burner because of capital constraints. One important project that would have been instrumental in creating further sales growth was set aside because it was determined that it would take over a year to accomplish and would incur a significant software expense. Peyton Investments was able to find a source that had most of the software application completed, only needing minor modifications. The project was completed in under three months at an 85% cost savings.

Private Investing

A securities firm was assisting small cap companies that needed infusions of private capital. The securities firm could not perform due diligence on the public companies because of security laws. Peyton Investments provided due diligence services to an investor group in order to determine if the investments had merit.

Strategic Alliance

A firm that offered a revolutionary way to instantly curtail the use of electricity on a nationwide basis needed a partner to install, maintain, and finance equipment that would turn off air conditioning units by way of satellite signals. Peyton Investments aided the firm in finding a strategic partner to carry out the objectives.

Joint Marketing and Revenue Sharing Arrangement

A large consumer services firm had a sizeable domestic consumer market that was expensive to reach. With many marketing alternatives facing this growing company, as well as budget constraints, marketplaces had to be very carefully selected. Peyton Investments assisted in creating a revenue sharing arrangement with the largest manufacturer of devices used by the company’s customers. The client invested little, yet penetrated the manufacturer’s vast client base. The manufacturer gained product differentiation and potential revenue share through promotions.