Our Mission

To provide the services needed to assist private emerging companies during cyclical periods of transition, including start-up, expansion, contraction, the weathering of unforeseen events, transitory business stagnation, and unlocking the business potential of undercapitalized enterprises.

01. Strategic

Do you have a plan to grow? Peyton Investments will listen and work with you to unlock your financial potential.

02. Professional

Our staff and experienced partners will team with you to grow your company’s future and value.

03. Loyal

Being a CEO, Founder, Visionary, or Owner is a lonely endeavor. Peyton Investments is there for you. Unlike your bank, accountant, or vendor, our total focus is what’s best for you.

Proven Success

Company Profile

Peyton Investments is a group of individuals, all of whom have operated successful companies. They have  “made payrolls,” launched companies from the germ of an idea, grown companies through thick and thin, bought and sold companies, and attained creative financing. They have the first-hand experience and knowledge needed to assist companies through the many transitions that make up its business journey, whether by mentoring, executive coaching, raising capital, merger and acquisition, or other forms of financial and strategic planning. Peyton Investments is compensated for its services through fees, success fees, retainers, stock, options, warrants, investments or a combination of them. Peyton Investments and it partner network have been on the front lines of many growing businesses. “We are used to working in environments where the signatures are on the front side of checks, not the back side.”


Peyton Investments has over 35 years experience in creating, operating, selling and buying emerging companies. We have created three successful information technology companies that have had national recognition. Our diverse experience gives Peyton Investments a board experience level in areas of finance, technology, operations, marketing, growing sales, and fund raising.

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