Two heads can plan the future better than one

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and Mentoring, Turnaround Management, Merger and Acquisition, Board Membership, and Advisory Services

Coaching, mentoring and financial planning from Jeffery Stein's Peyton InvestmentsPlanning your company’s direction can be a full time job, and face it, you already have one. Whether you’re looking to release a new product, expand your current line, add a new facility, or just steer your business along a more profitable course, it’s crucial to receive impartial, objective advice from someone who has no personal agenda or stake in your company. Someone who can help you devise a sound, forward-thinking, creative strategic plan. Someone like Peyton Investments.

Tap into our real-world experience. Reap the benefits of our fresh, objective insight under the guiding hand of Jeffery D. Stein. Because we don’t have a vested interest in anything other than obtaining strong results for your company, we have a clean, unbiased view of your business and how to take it to the next level. Our deep knowledge and operational experience comes from having been there—we’ve owned, operated, and consulted with a wide range of companies. We believe in results, and have a roster of satisfied clients who will vouch for our ability to achieve them.

Let us give you the interim assistance you need to create a dynamic, robust, and above all, realistic plan to guide your company through the changes necessary to ensure long-range stability, growth, and profitability.