What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching and mentoring from Jeffery Stein's Peyton InvestmentsA coach, whether in sports or business, helps to increase a person’s performance. In the case of an executive coach, he or she works with management level personnel to identify strengths and talents so they can create personal and business strategies which will succeed. Part mentor, part sounding board, part devil’s advocate, part cheering section, an executive coach is an impartial, experienced professional with whom you can share business problems and untangle tough company and personal issues. It’s someone you can talk to who’s impartial, objective, and has no personal agenda other than to help you work through your problems.

Executive coaching under the direction of Jeffery D Stein can help you bridge the gap between where you and your business or career are today and where you’d like them to be. It will help you increase your knowledge base and enhance your skills, assist you in avoiding pitfalls by letting you tap into years of experience, help you examine your talents and goals to determine the best career path, and empower you to become a more effective and dynamic leader. Because every person’s needs are unique, coaching is an effective way to bring about positive personal and business change, much more so than standardized, cookie-cutter management seminars. It’s one-on-one, focused, and completely customized to suit your needs and problems.