A few of the ways
Peyton Investments Executive Coaching has helped others:


  • Helped a CEO who had lost his motivation regain focus and take advantage of a unique business opportunity which resulted in a five-fold increase in revenue over an 18-month period.
  • Counseled an executive faced with conflicting family ownership interests in how to maintain the company’s direction and not let the problems impede growth.
  • Assisted a CEO with a management style issue become aware of the problem and make personal adjustments, allowing him to regain control of the company and as a result increase its profitability.
  • Helped an inexperienced CEO of a small company institute systems and develop an effective management style.
  • Advised an old family-owned business which saw a sudden business downturn of 50% on how to create a strategic plan which not only stopped the decline but brought sales back to its previous level.